New Extension: Magento Ajax Add To Cart Extension

We are glad to inform about our new Magento extension Ajax Add To Cart.

Magento Ajax Add To Cart Extension adds up great feature to your magento site. Using this extension customer can add product to cart very easy, fast and in efficient way.


You can check demo of extension at Demo Site.


  • Admin can enable / disable extension according to needs.
  • Allows customer to add product to cart in fast & efficient way.
  • Add Product to cart without redirecting to Shopping Cart page. So no unneccessory redirects.
  • Show animation while product is added to cart using ajax request.
  • Show success message after product is added to cart, with options “Continue Shopping” & “Go to Cart & Checkout” for your customers. And you can also disable this success message display from back-end.
  • Allow customers to delete/remove products from side bar cart using ajax request.
  • Also supports Cross-sells and Related products Add To Cart using ajax request as well.
  • Also able to delete/remove products from cart on Shopping Cart Page using ajax request.
  • And lots of admin configuration options. You can see in product images here to see what can be changed from backend.
  • No Javascript Errors.
  • 30 Days Money Back Gaurentee.
  • Very easy installation.
  • Free upgrades for 1 year.
  • Great Support.

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    • Amit
    • July 4th, 2010

    We would like to buy and use this extension for our Magento store. But, we want to show our mini-cart at the top right corner exactly in the similar way as shown here:

    Try to add any product and you will see that mini-cart automatically flips open which also include Checkout options. It is very very similar to your extension. But, we want to know what is the work included to get exactly the similar effect as shown on:

    Thanks for your answer.

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